Mr. Rakesh Pukhraj Doshi

Amerikan Steels Pvt Limited is blessed to have had Mr. Rakesh Pokhraj Doshi as one of the founder Directors of ASPL, who laid very strong foundation for Aspl and contributed to the growth of ASPL, joy and happiness of all our Customers, Vendors, Team members and growth of steel industry through his dedication, sincerity, perfection, ability to get things done at jet speed.

His contribution shall always be remembered and ASPL shall be forever indebted to Mr. Rakesh Pokhraj Doshi for his 110 % commitment and single minded focus.

We appreciate and remember him as an epitome of kindness, benevolence and shall always remember him for inspiring us to rise high in virtues like love, humanity, benevolence, philanthropy, kindness & spirituality.

His humble nature and down to earth way of dealing with everyone has kept us spellbound.

Having him with us has been a blessing beyond profound and we bless him with perfect progressive environment wherein we know that he is fulfilling all his desires so very easily perfectly lovingly wherein he is immensely happy and proud of the growth & progress of ASPL.

Amerikan Steels P. Ltd. Is and shall always be grateful to Shri Rakesh Pokhrajbhai Doshi for being such a wonder Apple of our eyes and wonderful son of this soul.

Pukhraj Doshi

Chandraprakash Doshi

Date 3/7/1982 till Eternity